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The Playcircle journey began seven years ago with a simple aim - to set up a parent and baby group that would bring together creative sensory play, music, singing and movement in a session that was inspiring, enriching and meaningful to both the child and care giver.


Armed with a teapot, an armful of instruments, a few scarves and a bear and a mouse, we began our very first group with a handful of enthusiastic mummy friends who were willing to be our guinea pigs. Together, we created a safe space where music and stories could be shared and we invited each other to join in freely and confidently in building adventurous and imaginative play. The focus was on creating a shared experience for all, which encouraged caring and loving interactions with our little people whilst supporting and looking after each other as well.


After the initial months of just us, our babies and 4 or 5 other mummies, our little play circle began to grow. The singing grew louder, the play more vibrant and the sessions felt fuller and more nourishing. We felt a real need for this group, a welcoming circle of friends. The Playcircle Family.


We continue to grow and learn together.



is a dancer and singer who worked as a facilitator in various settings including special schools until leaving to have her first baby in 2010. She moved to the Cotswolds shortly after and created Playcircle with Wendy. She envisaged a group with a teapot, cake and lovely stories and songs, parents supporting each other and creating beautiful experiences together for their babies.


is a musician who trained as a Steiner Teacher and worked at the Acorn School before leaving to have her first baby in 2009. She met Chloe and the two decided to create a new kind of baby group that nurtured children and offered something creative and fulfilling to the adults who attended too.  Wendy now runs Story Sessions in Devon.


is a musician and writer who trained as a teacher and worked in special schools before leaving to have her first baby in 2009. She attended the group and was able to help to run it when first Wendy then Chloe had their second babies. She also runs Singing Out, a monthly singing group with a similar supportive ethos and in 2018 she has had her first novel published!


has a degree in photography, an extensive background in business management and is a keen textile craftsperson, making vintage lampshade for shops in the Stroud area.  Rachel coordinates all of the admin and finances for Playcircle as well as playing a key role in making many of our creative resources.. She began helping out in the early days when attending the group with her first child and now is able to enjoy more sessions with her 2nd child.


is passionate about bringing parents together and is involved in various groups that do just this. Her background and vocation in life is in support, both at a one to one and community level. Holly, a mother of three, has invested much of her time in supporting Playcircle, with the belief that the sessions help provide the nurturing connection and sense of 'holding' that is so needed for parents in our society today


is a Playcircle old timer herself, enjoying sessions with her 2 young children for a number of years.. Jess gained a degree in Arts Management and went on to be a production manager in television and audio books until 2012 when she had her first baby.  With an extensive and varied background in music, she describes herself as a 'jack of all instruments, master of none', but we think shes a bit of alright and thrilled to have her as part of our team.  Jess is an experienced choral singer and has sung in many top choirs and 'not so top bands' and now fortunately for us shares her lovely voice and musical talents with Playcircle.

With Special thanks...

to everyone who has supported Playcircle over the years.  To our wonderful mums and dads and of course to the beautiful spirits in each of your little ones that we have the pleasure of seeing each week.

An extra big thank you to three very special mummies; Susie Hetherington (, Verity Rivers ( Rhian Evans( -We are so very grateful for your shared creative talents, stunning artwork, beautiful photography and this amazing website that you have created for us. We feel so very lucky!

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