Environmental awareness and green pledges 2020

Playcircle is aware of the severity of the environmental issues occurring around the world today and the very real impact of climate change for not only future generations but our own too. We are committed to being part of the solution rather than part of the problem. 

We are open to receiving progressive ‘green’ ideas that we can incorporate into how we run our sessions so we will always welcome discussion and will endeavour to implement new ideas wherever possible.

Playcircle has always found ways to cultivate a reverence and love of nature by reflecting wildlife, seasons and cycles through storytelling, singing and playing.

Our crafts and activities are also always inspired by the beauty of the world around us and natural materials are often used. We also have a knack for making ‘something from nothing’, using and recycling resources we already have in the cupboard instead of buying new. For bigger events and projects, one our favourite resources is the ‘scrap store’ in Gloucester.

The vast majority of our toys are pre-loved donations, most of which are not plastic. We love aesthetically pleasing, durable, ‘multi use’ toys.

Going forward we would like to commit to the following pledges;

No glitter! On the rare occasion where we just HAVE to have a bit of faerie sparkle...we promise it will be the biodegradable stuff.

We will provide a bin for mixed recyclables at the play space at the Town hall.

We will continue to use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Our English tea will be in plastic free tea bags.

We will ensure there are recycling facilities at the Summer camp.

In 2021 we will establish ourselves as a terracycling centre for Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouches.

In 2021 we will create a bugs and butterflies garden in our outside area. Planting an array of plants for pollinators!

Children are at the heart of what we do so protecting and creating a clean, safe future for them is of paramount importance to us. However, so is their current happiness, mental health and reduced capacity to ‘shoulder’ the world’s problems. So this will always inform any future actions we take.


Playcircle will always be a safe haven, where dreams, magic and hope will always be preserved.