Babes in Arms


Babes in Arms is a group initiated to provide a space exclusively for mums of babies under 1 year. The intention for this group is to provide a gentle environment that differs from our somewhat lively drop in, which is primarily geared towards toddlers (although all preschool ages welcome).


We want this group to be be a simple and nurturing experience for both babies and mums.


Somewhere to regularly connect with other mums who are at a similar stage in their baby journey. That tender first year can often be difficult to navigate alone and connection is key.


There is a range of nice wooden and sensory toys for littlies and a steady flow of tea and biscuits for mums. We also have occasional visits from various folk offering their talents and services including shoulder massage, harp playing, lullaby singing, baby related crafts etc. to enrich the experience of this lovely little drop in.


We would also like to welcome mums in the later stages of pregnancy to the group, giving them an opportunity to begin their parenting adventure already supported by a circle of likeminded mums, with in roads to the wider Playcircle community.

Babes in arms run on a tuesday, term time only 10am - 11.30am.  £5 per family